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Investigation report on environmental protection acceptance of the West and North Loop Expressway project

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2020-11-11 09:17 Number of readings:

The starting point of XiXian-North Loop expressway is located in Liangkou Town, Lintong, connecting with Lianhuo Expressway at the junction interchange, and the end point is located in Guzi 硙, Xi 'an High-tech Zone, connecting with Beijing-Kunming junction Expressway。The route passes through Lintong, Gaoling, 鄠 and Gaoxin under the administration of Xi 'an,Xianyang jurisdiction of Jingyang, Liquan, Xingping, Qindu,12 counties (counties, districts and prefecture-level cities) in Xixian New District, including Fengxi New City, Airport New City, Qinhan New City and Jinghe New City.,Construction of 4 connecting lines,It includes Jingyang Interchange, Yongledong Interchange, Taiping Interchange and Maoling Interchange。The total mileage of the main line is 122.613km, including construction mileage 113.613km, 9km in line with Lianhuo Line (Xibao Line) (this acceptance does not include the collinear part)。The West Hanbei Ring Road is newly built except for 9km of common alignment with Lianhuo Line (Xibao Line)。The new section of the project adopts the technical standard of six-lane expressway with a design speed of 120km/h, and the common section adopts the standard of eight-lane expressway with a design speed of 120km/h。The total investment of the project is about 132.5.6 billion yuan, including 7,867 investment in environmental protection.10,000 yuan, accounting for 0. 0 of the total investment of the project.59%。At present, the project has been completed in accordance with the requirements of EIA and approval, and has passed the environmental acceptance of completion, and is now publicized, and the publicity period is 20 working days。West and North ring acceptance report 附件1 附件2